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Introducing Ascent Concierge Health At Ascent, we blend cutting-edge scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, practical insights, and common sense to empower you to achieve peak health. We don't wait for permission; we take proactive action and deliver tangible results.

President, Precision Medical Provider

Adam Courchaine, DMS, PA-C

Medical Director, Precision Medical Provider

Andrew Coleman, MD

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Research and Development

Dara Courchaine, RN

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Jooste


Optimization and Prevention: Strive for your full health potential, focusing on achieving optimal wellness rather than simply avoiding illness.

Holistic Approach: Recognize the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health, addressing all aspects for comprehensive well-being.

Evidence-based: Integrate scientific research, traditional wisdom, and practical expertise to guide our approach.