9 Summits in 9 Months

Why does this program consist of Summits? This concept holds special significance for us, residing in Colorado. A Summit represents the pinnacle of a hill or mountain. At Ascent, we view these as challenges rather than stopping points. We tackle each Summit sequentially, maintaining forward momentum onto the next. With over 30 years of experience, we are here to serve as your guide on this life journey.

Discovery Summit

This includes examining a detailed history, DEXA body composition test, and an extensive lab panel consisting of over 60 biomarkers. Following this, we have a one-on-one comprehensive discussion and analysis of all labs and information, followed by a thorough physical examination.

Physical Fitness Summit

The focus is now on physical fitness and its correlation with mobility in later life. This 90-minute assessment encompasses evaluations of VO2 max, maximum strength, balance, flexibility, and other relevant factors.

Metabolic Summit

At this stage of your journey, we're drawing from insights gained in the previous two Summits to further explore your metabolic state. With tools like food log analysis, blood glucose monitoring, and personalized nutrition strategies, we aim to steer you toward improved health span.

Nutrition Summit

This Summit aims to further examine your nutritional status and comprehend how your body responds to the foods you consume. We repeat your lab panels and, with the help of continuous glucose monitoring, use these assessments to formulate a new plan aimed at optimizing your nutrition and enhancing your metabolic health.

Sleep Health Summit

Now, we delve into the significance of sleep health. We integrate wearables like the Oura ring to gather insights into your sleep quality and provide recommendations to optimize it.

Cardiovascular Summit

We assess and consider cardiovascular risk from the start, but we now delve deeper into personalized smart blood pressure logs, EKG, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability data. We also consider advanced cardiac testing via stress tests, plaque assessments, and abdominal ultrasound. This enables us to formulate strategies for enhancing your health in the decades to come.

Neurodegenerative Summit

While nobody desires Alzheimer's or dementia, often little action is taken to change this trajectory. Here, we focus on assessing your risk for these conditions by utilizing lab markers, personal and family history, stress levels, sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Following this assessment, we devise a plan to positively influence your future outcomes.

Cancer Prevention/Screening Summit

Despite there often being a focus on early detection of common cancers, prevention is frequently overlooked. Our journey has prioritized advanced proactive care. This Summit brings together these efforts by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and tailoring advanced evaluations accordingly. Options may include full-body MRI, Galleri cancer screenings, colonoscopy, and more.

Mental/Emotional Wellness

Mental and emotional health are intricately linked to all aspects of well-being, making this Summit potentially the most crucial. Alongside screenings for anxiety, depression, and PTSD, we will also integrate resilience-building challenges to ensure readiness for the journey ahead.